As soon as I walked in I was not welcomed! All the clothes on the tables were a mess.

All employees were really rude! They did not ask if we needed any help! The sales associates were on their phones, sitting down, eating candy and taking pictures. They did not give out any fragerence strips!

The windows and mirrors were dirty, they had finger prints and smudges. Fittting rooms were a mess as well they had many clothes inside just piling up. This rue21 is located at Mount Prospect Plaza in IL.

Manager did not know the promotions of the clothing, and charged me reuglar price! Unexpectable, first and last time I will ever shop there!

Review about: Rue 21 Manager.

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If you are an adult you do not need to ask if you need help. Sometimes people get offended and upset if they are asked if they need help.

The best thing to do as an ADULT is to ask for help if needed.

They can't read your mind. I am sure the manager know the promotions and it is YOU who does not.


Honey. Rue 21 is a trash store.

The clothes fall apart. People shouldn't admit to even shopping there.

The product is garbage it's a step above dollar store clothes. Don't shop there save yourself the embarrassment.


Thats typical rue 21 service, not surprised at none of these comments

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