This was the rue21 in the Michigan City (Indiana), outlet mall. As soon as we walked in, the store was a complete mess!

Nothing was folded, nothing was organized, nor put in it's right place. The employees were to no help. They were having conversations to each other, not even minding the customers. Shoes, jewelry, underwear, clothes, and so much more on the floor!

Who wants to buy clothes and other things that were on the dirty floor? Unbelievable. The rue21 in Valparaiso, IN was 100% better. Nothing on the floor, everything organized.

It was the worst rue21 or any shopping experience ever! Never will we give that particular rue21 business again.

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I went to Rue 21 in St. Cloud, Minnesota.

I picked a dress off of a messy rack and the whole thing fell.

It was so embarrassing. I get that's its hard to work in retail but you know what, if you don't like your job then get off your lazy *** and get a new one.

Huntsville, Texas, United States #931117

You ***! You have obviously never worked in a retail position go get a job in retail then come complain to me

to truthhurts Carthage, Tennessee, United States #948840

I've worked in retail 8 years and if employees have time to conversate with each other then they have time to make the store look good for customers. No excuses.

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