I previously submitted this complaint and have received no satisfaction. Please  send a response to this address-

Shirley's Lowrey

P. O. Box 276

South Coffeyville, Oklahoma 74072

I have a complaint about a fluorescent lime green hooded jacket my ten year old granddaughter, Emily, bought with her own money in a rue 21 store in Muskogee, Oklahoma. I washed the jacket according to instructions and it practically fell apart. As I said, Emily, my ten year old granddaughter bought this with money she received for Christmas. If it was possible, I would repair it, but, there is no way I can, as the 'fur' lining is torn and shedding, besides the seams of the outer jacket coming apart. Something needs to be done to compensate ten year old Emily for this POOR quality product. She was visiting relatives in Wagoner, Oklahoma when she purchased it and we live in South Coffeyville, Ok, the nearest rue 21 is in Bartlesville, Ok. I tried to get this taken care of at the Bartlesville store and they were not cooperative. Unfortunately, we don't have a receipt, because of the fact she was visiting relatives. I have several granddaughters who purchase items at rue 21, but, plan to put a stop to that, if we do not get a satisfactory response to this problem. I will also plan to post a picture of the torn jacket and the details of the situation on facebook. I also plan to write to the Tulsa tv stations that have consumer complaint departments that check into this type of problem. Sincerely, Shirley J. Lowrey

Thank you in advance for your help.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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Fredericksburg, Virginia, United States #1342838

Okay Shirley, read the return policy. Must return within 30 days WITH receipt.

You washed it, it's torn apart, and you don't have a receipt. *** your return.

San Antonio, Texas, United States #695700

If it's THAT much of a problem to you, call the Rue 21 you go to and ask whomever is working for their district manager's number. You dont have to tell them why either. Talk your issue up with the DM and im sure they will take take of your 10$ jacket problem.

Fayetteville, North Carolina, United States #659413

I have purchased a few items of clothing from rue 21 also that have been destroyed after the first or second instance of washing them.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #652016

Instead of posting your letter here, why didn't you send it to the Rue21 company? That would have made more sense.

If your other grandchildren haven't had any trouble with the clothes they have bought in these stores, there must have been something in the way this particular jacket was handled. Your campaign against the company with all you say you are planning to do isn't going to hurt the business.

It sounds like this was a winter jacket, and winter is done, and by next winter more than likely the jacket will be too small. More than likely if the jacket had been inspected by an adult before it was actually purchased, some flaws might have been detected.

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